Homeowner Assurance by Seamax Development Group

All our homes are meticulously constructed in compliance with the BC Building code and municipal guidelines. With our dedicated team's expertise, we ensure every home aligns with the standards set by the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) and our warranty provider. At Seamax Development Group, we prioritize your peace of mind, offering New Home Warranty coverage to shield you from unforeseen surprises.

2-5-10 Year
Home Warranty Assurance

Constructed to meet the stringent standards of the BC Building Code and municipal oversight, your new home stands as a testament to quality and reliability. With our team's diligence, we've ensured compliance with the Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) and our warranty provider's criteria. Seamax Development Group offers new homebuyers a robust New Home Warranty coverage, safeguarding against unexpected complications.

2-Year Coverage

Enjoy peace of mind with our 5-year warranty designed to put new homeowners at ease. During the initial 5 years, any defects, especially those like water penetration which could lead to significant damage to your home, are fully covered. Rest assured, your home's building envelope is protected.

10-Year Coverage

A decade of assurance awaits you. The cornerstone of our warranty is the protection of your home's essential structural components. From the warranty's inception date, any defects related to materials or labor leading to the malfunction of a load-bearing segment or causing structural harm impairing residential use are comprehensively covered for 10 years. Your home's backbone is in secure hands.

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