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Robert Dougal Mackenzie House- 5418 184 Street Surrey B.C Canada

Robert Dougal Mackenzie House- 5418 184 Street Surrey B.C Canada

We are pleased to announce the successful development of a meticulously planned 3-lot subdivision project valued at over $5 million, situated at 5418 184 Street. Central to this endeavor was the preservation of the esteemed Robert Dougal Mackenzie House, a hallmark of historical significance in the area.

As part of our commitment to honoring the rich heritage of the property, we embarked on a comprehensive renovation project for the Robert Dougal Mackenzie House. Our efforts focused on seamlessly integrating modern enhancements while preserving its historical character. Through meticulous attention to detail and careful craftsmanship, the house has been transformed into a harmonious blend of timeless charm and contemporary functionality.

This renovation not only showcases our dedication to maintaining and updating historical structures but also adds value to the overall subdivision project. By retaining the prestigious Robert Dougal Mackenzie House, we have enhanced the appeal and desirability of the entire development, further underscoring our commitment to excellence in land development.



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