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6204-6208-72A Ave NW Edmonton Alberta Canada

6204-6208-72A Ave NW Edmonton Alberta Canada

In 2020, we executed a strategic acquisition and management initiative with the purchase of about 30,000 square foot Manufacturing and Distribution Facility situated on 5 acres of land. At the time of acquisition, the building was completely vacant, presenting an ideal opportunity for value enhancement.

Recognizing the potential inherent in the property, we embarked on a comprehensive strategy to maximize its value. This included the addition of over 6,000 square feet of new showroom space, as well as the optimization of excess land for truck parking, aimed at increasing operating income and enhancing overall utilization.

Through diligent efforts and strategic management, we successfully stabilized the asset, achieving full occupancy. This transformation not only maximized shareholder returns but also positioned the facility as a valuable and sought-after asset within the industrial sector.

Our commitment to maximizing value and delivering exceptional returns underscores our dedication to strategic investment and effective asset management. We are proud to have unlocked the full potential of this property, delivering tangible benefits to our shareholders and stakeholders alike.




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