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11880-11920 Mitchell Road, Richmond, B.C Canada

11880-11920 Mitchell Road, Richmond, B.C Canada

As an environmentally responsible organization, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability and community stewardship. Our recent acquisition of the salvage car yard on Mitchell Island in Richmond, BC, presented an opportunity not only to revitalize the property but also to contribute positively to the environment and local community.

Upon acquiring the salvage car yard, our first priority was to address any environmental concerns and ensure compliance with regulations set forth by the Ministry of Environment of British Columbia, Canada. We undertook the responsibility of cleaning the yard and mitigating any environmental hazards, working diligently to restore the site to a safe and environmentally sustainable condition.

In addition to environmental remediation efforts, we also recognized the potential for repurposing the property to serve the needs of Kasa Supply Ltd, a wholesale and distribution business. With our expertise in construction and development, we renovated the existing buildings on the property to provide modern and functional facilities for Kasa Supply Ltd’s operations.

By repurposing the salvage car yard into a vibrant hub for wholesale and distribution, we not only revitalized the property but also created economic opportunities for the local community. Our

commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable development underscores our dedication to creating positive impact while driving value for our stakeholders.




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