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11450 McBride Dr, Surrey B.C Canada.

11450 McBride Dr, Surrey B.C Canada.

We are thrilled to announce the development of a 3-lot subdivision project valued at over $7 million, situated at 11440 McBride Drive, Surrey, BC. Our initiative is dedicated to creating distinct parcels of land, each poised for development opportunities, while also emphasizing environmental sustainability by retaining existing houses and dedicating one full lot as a green space environmental protection buffer.

This subdivision project underscores our commitment to thoughtful land planning and development, aimed at enriching the local community while safeguarding the natural environment. By preserving existing structures and integrating green spaces, we strive to create a harmonious balance between urban development and environmental stewardship.

In addition to retaining one existing house, we plan to construct two luxury homes on the property, addressing the growing demand for housing in the city of Surrey. This initiative not only contributes to the expansion and enhancement of the local community but also provides much-needed housing options for residents.




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