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11440 McBride Dr, Surrey B.C Canada.

11440 McBride Dr, Surrey B.C Canada.

We are proud to announce the development of a 2-lot subdivision project valued at over $3 million, located at 11440 McBride Drive, Surrey, BC. This initiative is meticulously crafted to create distinct parcels of land, each with its own potential for development, while also prioritizing environmental sustainability by retaining existing houses.

Our approach to this subdivision project reflects our commitment to thoughtful land planning and development, aiming to contribute to the expansion and enhancement of the local community. By carefully considering the unique characteristics of the area and implementing sustainable practices, we strive to create lasting value for both residents and the environment.

Through this project, we aim to set a precedent for responsible land development practices while providing opportunities for growth and prosperity within the community. We are excited to be a part of this endeavor and look forward to the positive impact it will have on the bolivar area of city of surrey.



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